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Dealer is a legal entity performing intermediary functions of purchasing/selling the products in his/her/its own name and at his/her/its expenses.
Simply, dealer is a reseller of goods, intermediary or trade representative.

Distributor is a wholesaler, regional representative with highly-organized structure of active sales having its own dealers network.

In addition to performing the trade representative functions, distributor can be involved in marketing services, installation and commissioning and training.

Within frames of expanding the dealers network we would like to invite wholesale and retail shops, construction companies, architecture and design studios, individual architects and designers for cooperation.

We provide:
•    Advertising support (catalogue, brochure, product samples for showroom);
•    Engineering support (installation instructions, operation manual);
•    Additional services (delivery, installation, maintenance);
•    Manufacturer’s warranty for all range of products;
•    Right for own trading margin based on the manufacturer’s recommended retail prices;
•    Training for sales consultants of dealers by the manufacturer’s representatives.

Requirements and obligations:

•    To display our products on dealer’s premises during the period of contract;
•    To employ skilled sales staff able to appropriately give information on products;
•    To make payments of invoices within the term indicated in the principal contract.

Additional requirements and obligations:

•    To represent the company’s interest on the regional market;
•    To establish long-term contract-based relations with the manufacturer;
•    To have own warehouse(s) and stock of products available;
•    To cooperate with dealers (involvement of new dealers, staff training, signing of contracts);
•    To provide additional services on delivery, installation and maintenance of the products.

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